ef core fluent api foreign key

Also, updated to EF 1.1.0-preview1. You can only map EF foreign key properties when one side of the relationship is a one, and the other is a many. This is typically done to help ensure the uniqueness of data. c# ef-code-first ef-migrations entity-framework entity-framework-6. However, the fluent api is forcing me to create the virtual property in the ApplicationUser entity. 925. The Entity Framework Core Fluent API OnDelete method is used to specify the action which should take place on a dependent entity in a relationship when the principal is deleted.. Entity Framework relationship with two foreign keys. Thanks, ... Two Foreign Keys in Entity Framework Core. This is not possible in my case, since all my tables have a foreign key to it. Now without attributes, only fluent api. ... How to set ForeignKey column name in fluent API on EF Core. The ForeignKey attribute is used to specify which property is the foreign key in a relationship. EF Core 2.2 - Two foreign keys to same table. The default code first convention for ForeignKey relationship expects foreign key property name match with the primary key property. 2. Entity Framework Code First - Defining Foreign Keys using Data Annotations and Fluent API When using Entity Framework Code First approach, there are actually three ways to define foreign keys. Related. ... EF Fluent API + two column composite uniqueness + autoincrement primary key. Generally, you don't need to configure one-to-one relationships manually because EF Core includes Conventions for One-to-One Relationships. If you want to avoid fluent api (for whatever reason #differentdiscussion) this works fantastically. So for EF-core only option 3 is feasible. So for this: – Dmitry Oct 27 '16 at 16:06. In these cases there cannot be a foreign key because the dependent's foreign key IS its primary key. In my case I needed to include an additional foriegnKey annotation on the "Match" entity, because my fields/tables have strings for PK's. However, if the key or foreign key properties do not follow the convention, then you can use data annotation attributes or Fluent API to configure a one-to-one relationship between the two entities. Any time you have a 1:1 or 1:0..1 relationship, the dependent entity will take the same primary key as the principal. … A key serves as a unique identifier for each entity instance. Cascade - dependents should be deleted; Restrict - dependents are unaffected; SetNull - the foreign key values in dependent rows should update to NULL 75. In this article. The ForeignKey attribute is used to specify which property is the foreign key in a relationship.. 535. It throws a run-time exception: Entity type 'Parent' has composite primary key defined with data annotations. Is there any way I can set the foreign key in EF Core without having explicitly set the properties on both entities? Entity Framework Core. Here is an example showing how to create a composite unique key via fluent API. The composite key consists of ProjectId and SectionOdKey. The Entity Framework Core Fluent API HasAlternateKey method enables you to create an alternate key by placing a unique constraint (and therefore a unique index) on a property or properties other than those that form the primary key. In EF-core (current version 2.2.1) composite primary keys can't be modeled by data annotations. EF Core 5; Articles; Knowledge Base; Online Examples; Navigation property without foreign key, or fluent api version? To set composite primary key, use fluent API. String representation of an Enum. In the following example, the AuthorFK property in the Book entity does not follow Entity Framework Core's convention for foreign key names.Left as it is, Entity Framework Core will create an AuthorFK field and an AuthorId field which it will configure as a foreign key: The OnDelete method takes a DeleteBehavior enum as a parameter:. The mapping is almost identical: It is used to express the relationship between two tables. I'm trying to give my Foreign Key column the name I want. Ask Question Asked 4 years, 1 ... now it's about column name too.

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