white stuff floating on top of water in fish tank

He was perfectly fine but this whiteish film covered the top one day and I thought t was dust so I left t. After a while it cover the whole top. Fish Pox: No treatment. After water change that white point problem return into a 4-6days,must just change water. "Slime algae" is a common problem with aquarists of all levels but getting rid of it can be tricky. Might also be a build up of protien....this is usually a film but if let go too long will develope in spots like this. I still left it cuz the water wasn't dirty but then my betta had fungus growing out of one of his gills but if you clean the tank whenever you see this it will soon enough go away. The water is crystal clear, and the fish are doing great. By entering this site you declare Fish at the top of the water blowing bubbles from the mouth. Dirty substrate or decorations, or a bacteria bloom are the usual suspects. I will try the different methods mentioned so far to remove it. My betta fish has cotton mouth that I've been trying to treat with Pima-Fix (yes, I knew it doesn't work very well when I bought it but my options were very limited so I decided to give it a chance). I have this 55 gallon tank for almost over 3 years now and noticed a build up of these very fine white stuff on top of my water. The oily stuff that sometimes appears on the top of the water is turned into these white bubbles by the filter. As for your possible ich problem, the water change will help, also get some Aquarium salt and put it in a cup then sink it to the bottom of your tank, if you have a tank heater, crank it up til the water … Never had problem like this...,BUT since I've Tanganyika set up with coral sand (water=pH 7.8 dGH~11 dKH~11)it happens. She... Can I put Water conditioner while my fish are in tank. is it well water, RO water, city water? get your water quality checked (ammonia, nitrites, nitrates, pH etc) The larger and faster growing bacteria flourish and become visible. Dont ignore this. There are a couple of things that could cause white cloudy aquarium water. I will never likely replace the bio-balls as they have all the good bacteria in there but what about that top layer of of layered filters? My tank consist of 5 discus and 3 clown loaches and one wood log, nothing else. How can I put sand into a tank that already has water and fish in it? If not controlled, there is a 100% mortality rate of the fish in the aquarium. i changed the water not to long ago and have put the chlorine liquid treatment in the water. Aquarium Co-Op 794,299 views. Keep up on water maintenance and symptoms should cease after about 10-12 weeks. I scrapped a net across the top, but this made it group up. I got similar "flakes" in my tanks because of the hard water before I moved. This thin white sludge is a protein film and particularly common in betta tanks. I only can suggest to do partial water change of 20% each day of 1 week. If your water looks like a thick white fog, then you might be dealing with a bacterial bloom. I just pull out my media and sponge every 2 weeks and rinse it in old tank water to get some of the gunk off. ... the entire tube that sucks the water up from the tank is solid white with this stuff. If the white foam is due to soap in the aquarium water, then the aquarium must be emptied, cleaned, and rinsed with fresh water added. It will pass. you read and agreed to the, http://www.plantedtank.net/forums/8-general-planted-tank-discussion/122610-protein-film-surface-water.html#/topics/122610?_k=990vfh, http://www.tropicalfishkeeping.com/beginner-planted-aquarium/protein-film-filmy-surface-pics-99214/#/topics/99214?_k=mr7zbe, http://www.plantedtank.net/forums/257-home-page-news/1011217-where-does-oil-slick-like-film-come.html#/topics/1011217?_k=d2hwof, http://www.myaquariumclub.com/hello-all-its-been-a-while...-the-tank-has-been-in-good-sh...-601494.html, http://www.thereeftank.com/forums/f6/film-on-top-of-water-35906.html#/topics/35906?_k=tje1gq, http://www.fishlore.com/fishforum/aquarium-water/142055-oily-sheen-water-surface.html, Very fine white stuff floating on top of water, White fish flake type floating things in my tank. I change my water every 3 days, about 50% change. But as I am cleaning the tank and refilling it with water, there are white particles just floating around in the tank. is it well water, RO water, city water? Do not discard the water of an infected fish tank via the kitchen or bathroom sink. My fish is acting weird. Small white spots that get larger over time possibly with black streaks. And the surface looks horrible. This is very common and can be removed by gently lying a paper towel over the top of the water and soaking it up. Your tropical fish can also feel a great deal of stress due to overcrowding. The aquarium water looks clear again because the water itself doesn’t contain any algae, just the surfaces. What about water change? This is because the filter outlet is generating a current that pushes the air bubbles around your tank. Aquarium Slime: What is it and what to do about it? That's the white stuff. Some people even said using a paper towel, but that may add foreign particles into the tank (but I'd believe not enough to ruin water quality). If your aquarium water looks like pea soup, you probably have green water, which is caused by a proliferation of free-floating, single-celled phytoplankton. My fish is acting weird. A normally active fish is still. can anyone please help me? HI Miss Fish, The temp is high at 27c (80.6f), lower the temp to 25c (77f). It could be fatal to your entire tank. Do you use any chemicals in your tank on a regular basis or more recently? Thanks, a few years later, to the group for help. Otherwise, for now trying to rid of the film/white stuff from the surface of the water is how to go, it may be a build up of protein. Why? I added the Amquel *before* I added the water to the tank. I might have found the answer to my own problem? I have recently tested the water and everything was how it should be. Worm in tanks could cause your fish to lose appetite, act abnormally, bloat, suffocate and even die. Sometimes, people confuse the residue on the cover of their tank with detritus in the water. All was fine when I left but when I came back the tank was full of floaty white stuff that looks like sheets of fish flakes or algae. AS of now im going to run and get a FINE net or something to scoop it cause my fish net is to large gauge holes. Whats in my tank? Is the fish floating, sinking, whirling, or swimming sideways? Unfortunately, it is also a very persistent disease. Otherwise, for now trying to rid of the film/white stuff from the surface of the water is how to go, it may be a build up of protein. White fungus growing weird looking stuff forming in my tropical / freshwater fish tank. ... Fine white stuff floating on top of aquarium water - Duration: 0:36. If water arent change-surface becomes all with thousands white points.Is it Ca or what,i didnt know-just change water. I did forget to mention that it is a new environment for them as I have recently moved into this house. No fish in it yet as I wanted to set up the plants (live) and get the water well established first. ... the entire tube that sucks the water up from the tank is solid white with this stuff. This can kill your fish. You could try a brine shrimp net, but that might take a while on a 55. My 28 gallon tank has finished the first cycle with 3 catfish, 3 zebra danio, 3 mickey platies and 2 dwarf puffer (waiting for my 10 gallon to cycle before I transfer them to it).

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